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Meet Indiana

"The Crown Jewel of Living."

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With two businesses and multiple non-profit projects, I wear many hats.


As the founder of LUSSO EVENTI, I turned my love for decoration and crafts into a business that now operates in Italy and Spain. 


At INDIANA WILLIAMS, PA, I combine my real estate expertise with a passion for luxury properties. I help clients buy and sell homes in South Florida.

"Hello, I'm Indiana Williams, and I live by one guiding principle: 'The Crown Jewel of Living.'

This motto encapsulates my dedication to a life filled with elegance, quality, and the pursuit of excellence.

I've immersed myself in all about embracing life's precious moments, growing together, and inspiring the dreamer in you.

My commitment to precision and opulence has been the hallmark of my professional journey.

Now, I'm taking a moment to pause and reflect on the beauty of life and its many facets. It's a period of introspection and refinement, a time to rediscover the crown jewel within.

I'm excited to unveil a new chapter, one that's filled with authenticity, inspiration, and a renewed commitment to living life as the crown jewel it truly is.

Your life is your own masterpiece, and together, we'll create a brilliant story.

Join me on The Crown Jewel of Living! 🌟

Stay inspired, live luxuriously, and remember, the crown jewel within you is waiting to shine."

trust your intuition and success will follow you

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